Monday, August 15, 2011

It's our 2nd year anniversary ♥

Bonjour a tous !! c'est encore moi :)
ca va aujourd hui ?
C'est la nuit maintenant .. and I am here to update my blog again.

I miss Paris again ! sobs. When can I go back ? :(
Parents said I can go back for my master' study next year, but I don't feel like studying anymore :(
16 years of studies is enough !! No more studies for me! Unless I need it for my job in the future.
Can I just go back to Paris for holidays please ?
Or maybe ONLY french language / french pastry class ? :(
Curtin class' started 5 weeks ago, assignments starts piling up, feeling so sick with it.

And I am suppose to update about my family visited me in Paris right ..
But wait !! Guess what ?! Today is a special day !! hahaha !!

It's our 2nd year anniversary !

Love you lots my boy, although you are not here with me. But I know your heart will always be with me right? hehe ! *yer, mo chang d*

So, my silly boy is currently at KL, he is having his finals in 2 days time, (GOOD LUCK my boy !! :))
that's why he is not here with me today :( so sad ..
And you know what .. We never celebrate any Valentine days before as well :(
1st year was because of Chinese New Year, I have to go back to Perak for the new year celebration ..
And 2nd year is because I am still at Paris during Valentine day, so we couldn't manage to celebrate together also. How sad !!
But silly said he checked already, next year we can celebrate together !! As CNY doesn't fall on that day, and I am already back to Malaysia !! lols !! yay, can't wait for our very first Valentine celebration .. soon .. :))

We had been together for 2 years, time really flies ..
However, we never really get to see each other that often .. not like the others couples, they gets to see each other almost everyday :(
But distance had never falls us apart, we are still in love

I love him more and more as each days goes by ..
My life is simply happy because I have him ..
Thanks baby, Thanks for everything ..
Thanks for loving me.
You know I love you too.

And this is the surprise that he gave me just now.
He ordered this online and asked the florist to send to my house.
I was really surprise baby, I never think of receiving any flowers this year. thank you

And this is a gift for him :)
All the way from London.

Glad that he likes it !!

Happy Happy Anniversary again my boy :) xoxo !

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