Monday, April 11, 2011

An afternoon in Paris

Went to Champs - Elysees with Hiro and Sue Jean last Saturday cause I wanted to get a pair of sneaker from Lacoste, I had been finding it everywhere :( Either they don't have my size or don't have the colour I want. sigh !! And the store in Champs - Elysees was still under renovation. I desperately need it for my trip to Spain next week !! sobs.
Anyway, here are the pictures that taken on that day, including my very first vlog. Hahah

Reminder: The vlog is a little lousy, because this is the first vlog I had done so far. will try to come out with a better one next time :) heh

And the following pictures was taken in Tuileries Garden :)
Can you see the crowd ? Everyone is desperate for SUN. Lols
Then, we headed to Opera ..
Try out the new iPad 2 as well. So cool !! I want I want !! >.<

After that, went for Berthillon ice cream somewhere near Saint Paul..
Can you see the VERY long queue ?? :O
From left to right: Takuji, Steven, Sue Jean, Hiro
Lastly, here is the first vlog :) hahah

That's all for today :)
Have a nice day everyone ..


Sze Yee ♥ said...

jer, relink me pls! thanks ya! =)

Jeressa wong said...

relinked :D hehe