Thursday, February 24, 2011


Macaroons are really a hit in Penang right now. At first it was the beautiful cupcakes, then now macaroons. Or maybe I should redefine the statement, it's a trend EVERYWHERE.
Friends from UK are crazy over macaroons .. friends from Australia are crazy over macaroons.. Even some new Korean friends ..
I guess macaroons has become a fashion trend and there is why everyone are going crazy over macaroons ? I am not a fan of it anyway .. But still, since I am in Paris right now, I must at least visit once to LADUREE right ? hahah! on behalf of my best friends who were really crazy over macaroons lately ..
Ladurée is founded in the year 1862, by a man named Louis Ernest Ladurée.
you wanna know
Ladurée history ? visit their website, and google translate it. hahah! cause it's in French.

There you go .. LADUREE .. You can find LADUREE easily in Paris, they are a lot of their franchise. Especially tourist area or shopping area like Printemps, Champs Elysées and etc.

Oh, I love Printemps and Galeries Lafayette. will blog about it soon ! hahah. the HEAVEN of shopping !

Seriously, I were really shocked when I saw this. The shop is like so small when you look from outside, I thought they will be no one or maybe less people who will be buying these macaroons .. Surprisingly, there were really a long queue inside, we can't even manage to go in at first. The place is soooo FULL. You have to line up at least 2 or 3 lines to get your macaroons, like Genting theme park .. If you got what I mean ..

Are you drooling ? hah!
I love the colourful macaroons .. I don't know which to choose. I like all of them.
I like them doesn't mean that I like eating them though.

Since we are in Paris, we decided to have high tea inside of LADUREE instead. Cause we can still buy the macaroons without having to queue outside. However, the high tea moment turned out to be actually quite disappointing.

We ordered a piece of chocolate eclair, a piece of lemon sponge cake, a cup of hot chocolate and a cup of LaDuree cream tea. And these actually cost us RM150. Believe it or not ? Oh ya, not forgetting a small box of 6 macaroons .. I can't believe I actually spent more than RM100 for a lousy high tea, if it were in The Ritz, a famous high tea place at London, at least I won't be feeling that bad although it might cost a little bit more than this.

The RM25 sponge cake! LOLS ! My aunt actually said that she can bake the whole sponge cake with less than RM10. hahah ! true, and it can taste even better than this I swear.

And here is the picture of the packaging of the macaroons. They actually have a little "cert" inside as well, written the date of purchase. I like the pink box and paper bag so much and there is why I ended up buying MACAROONS which I don't really favour. Out of the 6 macaroons, I only like 3 of it.
Which is the Salted Caramel, Raspberry and Chocolate Madagascar..

From left to right:
Caramel fleur de sel
(Salted Caramel)
(Pistachio) - taste a bit like coconut
Chocolat Madagascar -
the BEST among all

I love their website though :)
please visit it when you free. It's so cute so lovely and unique.

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