Friday, October 22, 2010

spaghetti alla carbonara is my love.

title says it all.
today, my post will be about my all time favourite, CARBONARA :) spaghetti alla carbonara is the only dish that I know how to cook. whenever my parents were away, my siblings will have to eat this for at least 3 out of 7 days.
then the rest of the days they will be eating DOMINOS. lols! so do my dearest silly boy. If I were to cook him something, I bet he knows it well, what is the dish that he will eating.
pity them ? nuh, I don't think so.
they enjoyed it ! okay ? no ? ple
ase say YES :)

The origin and history of carbonara,

Carbonara name is derived from carbone (the Italian word for coal), some believe that the dish was first made as a hearty meal for Italian charcoal workers. This theory gave rise to the term "coal miner's spaghetti", which is used to refer to spaghetti alla carbonara in parts of the United States. Others say that it was originally made over charcoal grills, or that it was made with squid ink giving it the color of carbon. Another rumor about the origin of the name suggests that the way abundant black pepper was added to the dish (before or after serving) especially during winter, made the black pepper flakes among the whitish sauce look like charcoal, or perhaps the effect one gets when a casserole dish is accidentally "burnt". It has even been suggested that it was created by, or as a tribute to, the Carbonari ("charcoalmen"), a secret society prominent in the unification of Italy.
cited from Wikipedia

First of all, these are the ingredients you need ..

number of servings: 3

200ml of whipped cream

3 table spoons of milk ( full cream )

2 table spoons of butter

1/2 can of mushroom .. yum yum ~ :)

100g of mozzarella cheese

1 drum stick

1/2 packet of spaghetti

other ingredients include:

half a bulb of garlics

1 tea spoon of mixed herbs

1 tea spoon of parsley

1 table spoon of black pepper

1/2 tea spoon of salt

please noted that this recipe is based on my own, it is not the actual carbonara recipe ( the actual one don't use cream but using egg yolks/whole eggs)

Step 1: cut the garlics, mushroom and drum sticks into small pieces

Step 2: add in 2 table spoon of butter into the non sticky pan at medium heat

Step 3: Then, add in the garlics, mushroom and chicken slice, fry it occasionally

Step 4: add in the seasonings: black pepper, mixed herbs, parsley, and salt

Step 5: Add in the mozzarella cheese and stir it till it become sticky.
Step 6: Add in the whipped cream and milk and stir it in low heat
Step 7: Add in the ready cooked spaghetti to the pan and stir together.
( sorry that for steps 6 and 7, I don't get to take picture of it. cause I have to act fast, if not the spaghetti will end up very oily.)
Remember !! Don't ever cook the whipped cream for too long, it will turn into oils.

Taa Daa. Here it goes ~
spaghetti alla carbonara with mushroom

oh ya between, we had bolognese rice with mushroom and cheese yesterday. :)
sister is the chef. and it taste real good. will cook again on this coming Monday.
will upload the recipe if I have time.

till then. have a nice day everyone :)


Yongjia said... pro a...still post picta..showing how to cook lols

Jeressa wong said...

of coz la. cook for u so many times. never show others before. :D hahahahahaha!