Monday, August 15, 2011

It's our 2nd year anniversary ♥

Bonjour a tous !! c'est encore moi :)
ca va aujourd hui ?
C'est la nuit maintenant .. and I am here to update my blog again.

I miss Paris again ! sobs. When can I go back ? :(
Parents said I can go back for my master' study next year, but I don't feel like studying anymore :(
16 years of studies is enough !! No more studies for me! Unless I need it for my job in the future.
Can I just go back to Paris for holidays please ?
Or maybe ONLY french language / french pastry class ? :(
Curtin class' started 5 weeks ago, assignments starts piling up, feeling so sick with it.

And I am suppose to update about my family visited me in Paris right ..
But wait !! Guess what ?! Today is a special day !! hahaha !!

It's our 2nd year anniversary !

Love you lots my boy, although you are not here with me. But I know your heart will always be with me right? hehe ! *yer, mo chang d*

So, my silly boy is currently at KL, he is having his finals in 2 days time, (GOOD LUCK my boy !! :))
that's why he is not here with me today :( so sad ..
And you know what .. We never celebrate any Valentine days before as well :(
1st year was because of Chinese New Year, I have to go back to Perak for the new year celebration ..
And 2nd year is because I am still at Paris during Valentine day, so we couldn't manage to celebrate together also. How sad !!
But silly said he checked already, next year we can celebrate together !! As CNY doesn't fall on that day, and I am already back to Malaysia !! lols !! yay, can't wait for our very first Valentine celebration .. soon .. :))

We had been together for 2 years, time really flies ..
However, we never really get to see each other that often .. not like the others couples, they gets to see each other almost everyday :(
But distance had never falls us apart, we are still in love

I love him more and more as each days goes by ..
My life is simply happy because I have him ..
Thanks baby, Thanks for everything ..
Thanks for loving me.
You know I love you too.

And this is the surprise that he gave me just now.
He ordered this online and asked the florist to send to my house.
I was really surprise baby, I never think of receiving any flowers this year. thank you

And this is a gift for him :)
All the way from London.

Glad that he likes it !!

Happy Happy Anniversary again my boy :) xoxo !

Monday, July 25, 2011

I am back !!

Bonjour !! Ca va ?? (Hello, how are you ?)

Lols, had been neglecting my blog for like ages.
Had not been updated ever since my dearest aunt and uncle visited me in Paris, which is like 2 months ago
I promised to update on my last month in Paris right. :)
speaking of these, seems like I had left Paris for sooooo long !!
It is like a dream for me .. A beautiful dream which I hope it will never ends.. hahah !!
(* my boy gonna be jealous again*) grins*

So where should I start my update ? Seems a lot to update !!
next few updates gonna be Italy ( Pisa, Florence, Rome, Vatican & Venice ) and also UK !
I guess it will takes more than
6 months to update all of this wonderful place in Europe.

Seriously, I am glad. How many times should I say this ?
I am really grateful because at the age of 20, I get to travel around Europe, moreover it is my second time in my life !! I know I am lucky, a very lucky girl who has both parents who loves me a lot, thanks for giving me this opportunity !! I
♥ you both daddy mummy ! I promise I promise !! I will repay you all with 10 thousands time in the future !! :))

Je manque la vie a Paris !! :( I miss my life in Paris ..

My last month in Paris ..

Had dinner with all the lovely people in Hippopotamus.

After dinner, we went to Musee du Lourve.
Looking at all these photos really makes me miss them a lot a lot :'(

Glad to know them in my life.

Hopefully we can really make it for our Bangkok reunion trip next year !! :)

From left to right, Steven, Hiro, Si Yi, Me, Chen Jie, Sung Hye, Jessy' cousin and Anli ..
On the way back to La Defense .. Sung Hye and Steven :)

Sue Jean' bf visited her in Paris,

so we went to have dinner with him somewhere nearby Eiffel Tower :)

The steaks goes so well with the garlic cheese on top !
And the dessert, Tiramisu was too good to describe !
so yummy !! I finished up the whole thing, so fattening :/
but worth it even though I have to work out for the next 30 hours after that. lols !!
Creme brulee Picnic with ESCE students at Pont Des Arts
the view was so nice, I wish I were still there right now.
Paris Paris !! I wish I could go back there every year :(
can I, daddy mummy ?
Love locks. spotted mine ?? hahah !! nuh, just joking !!
Mr.boyf, if you read this, remember to go and buy a lock tomorrow, (SUPER BIG one please :p)
so that we can lock it there when we go to Paris next time. haha !
The students :) Went up to L'Arc De Triomphe with Sue Jean
Went to Chateau de Versailles for the second time with this 2 guys. hahah!
After that, went to Place Monge to have dinner with the rest
This restaurant have a very nice ambience, so cozy.

It's like having dinner with all your family and friends in a little cottage.
Thy serve great food with reasonable price as well :) Steven. Me & SungHye :) Have afternoon tea time at Carette.
A very famous pastry place in Paris, quite expensive though ..

even more expensive than La Duree.
Well, never mind, I knew we will regret if we didn't visit it
because we had heard so much good comments from the Parisians about this restaurant.

However, speaking of their pastry,
I only found it is "so so", not as good like what the Parisians described.
The afternoon tea set that we ordered.
Opera cake and ?? uh, I forgot the pastry name.

served white hot chocolate ( taste a bit like lavender though :/ )
Then, we went to Chateau De Vincennes.

Later in the evening, we went to have Vietnamese cuisine
at Olympiades (the china town).

Tried out their beef friend rice
and also Pho, pronounce as "fe" :)

I never hang out with Vanessa and Lidia even though I had know them for so long in Paris,
so I decided to ask them out for dinner at Fujiyama restaurant.
10 minutes walking distance from our place.
It's a buffet dinner, so you can eat all you want :)
not bad !! but the japanese restaurant which located at Place Monge taste much more nicer :)

the cheesy beef sticks is the best !! I love it the most !!
looking at this photo makes me feels so hungry right now :(
The last day of exam, we went to LEON to have lunch.
a very famous mussels restaurant in Paris
mussels, mushroom and bacon in creamy sauce. yum ~

Next update:
Famille à Paris ♥ !!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A bit of everything :)

Title says it all. A bit of everything.
So, it had been a long long time ever since my last update.
I wanted to update my blog actually, but time matters.
I am having my finals now, I couldn't really find any spare time to update my blog. This post had been in my draft for like 3 weeks I guess. lols
So, firstly. Let's talk about Disneyland !!
excited !! no ??
I am !!
It is my second time to Paris Disneyland, the first one was like 13 years ago, lols !!

I barely remember about the place actually, what I remember was Mickey mouse, castle and the spinning cups in fairyland.

Come ~ let me bring you to the world of Disney. woohoo ~!!

The entrance of the Disney park. Spotted the castle ? Weather forecast said it will rain that day,
that's why the sky was so dark when I took this picture.
I love these buildings. So fairy tale like. haha Jeressa and the beanstalk. Pirate of the carribbean. lols
Me. Sue Jean. Hiro
Buzz LightyearThen, we went to the Small Small World. Spotted the boat ? hahah.
We love this place, is like going back to childhood time ♥

"its a small world after all
its a small world after all
its a small world after all
its a small, small world

There is just one moon and one golden sun
And a smile means friendship to everyone.
Though the mountains divide
And the oceans are wide
It's a small small world "

After that, we went to watch the parade.
Cinderella, Princess Jasmine, Peter Pan, Little Mermaid,
Snow White and a lot more. hahha !!

Chez Gladine
went to Chez Gladine for lunch
Yours truly, the blogger. haha Sue Jean :) The portion is TOO big for us !!
Luckily the waiter asked us not to order 2 main course.

So we ordered one starter, and one main dish.

But we are not able to finish it as well.
After Chez Gladine, we went to Olympiades
some groceries shopping and pearl milk tea. lols
Creperie-Pen ty

went to have crepes with Stella and Sue Jean the other day. The crepes taste soooo good !! Those who are in Paris should visit this restaurant one day. Especially the apple crepe. It taste real good. Hahah

Red bean crepe, taste not bad as well :)
Later then, we went to Eiffel Tower since I had not been there at night.
Eiffer Tower is so pretty during night. And it actually goes blink blink once an hour during night. I did took a video of it, let's see if I have chance to post it out in my blog :)

Takuji and Hitomi farewell

Then, it was Takuji and Hitomi farewell last 2 weeks. They are leaving soon, so we throw them a farewell party
in Shohei's room :)

Had a great time with them. Good bye Takuji and Hitomi ~ :)
All the best for both of your future.

Good luck in finding jobs in Japan.
Hope to see you guys real real soon.

That's all for this post. Next update: Last month in Paris I